Reemo Browser Isolation

Reemo Browser Isolation technology allows your users to safely browser internet by separating their browsing sessions from your Organization network. This page will guide you to the process of creating and assigning your users a browsing profile so they can use our secure browsers.

Browsing Profile

Before your users can access a secure browser, they need to be assigned a browsing profile. A browsing profile will dictate the rules for using a secure browser (download restrictions, browser homepage etc…)

Create a Browsing Profile

Navigate to your Organization > Browsing Profiles page and click on New Browsing Profile


Name: The name of your browsing profile

Browser Homepage: The home page when starting the remote browser

Proxy: Choose a proxy mode

  • No Proxy: Disable the proxy

  • Embedded Proxy: Embedded Squid Proxy, if selected, you will be invited to configure a whitelist/blacklist of domains

  • External Proxy: Use an external proxy, if selected, you will be invited to configure an external proxy configuration

Restrict Download: If selected, downloads will be disabled on the corresponding remote browsers

Restrict Clipboard Read: If selected, clipboard reading from the remote browser will be disabled

Restrict Clipboard Write: If selected, clipboard writing to the remote browser will be disabled

Browser Expiration: Choose an expiration time after which a browser will be destroyed following a disconnect from its user

Assign a Browsing Profile

Once your browsing profile is created, you can assign them to the users you want in two ways:

  • Open the Browsing Profile, expand Users and click on Assign Users

  • Open the User, expand Browsing Profile and click on Assign Browsing Profile

Remote Browser

After assigning a browsing profile to your users, they will see a new available remote browser in their computers list:


When first accessing or after beeing destroyed, your remote browser will need some time to start up.


Once started, you will be greated by the homepage configured in your browsing profile. You can now use your browser freely.