Reemo Remote Desktop

This section describe the Reemo Remote Desktop technology and WebClient options



Please refer to the section: Reemo Agent Installation




  1. Move: Drag the toolbar left or right if it gets in the way of your remote screen

  2. Menu: Open the Reemo WebClient menu

  3. Fullscreen: Toggle Fullscreen ON or OFF

  4. Connection: Your current ping and connection type

  5. Monitors: Quick switch for your multiple monitors


For more information about the connection type please refer to our guide: Relay/UDP vs Direct/UDP


Tablet and Pen pressure

Pen pressure is captured in your Browser and synthetized on the remote end. No drivers needs to be installed on the remote computer. On MacOS Reemo uses standard API for synthetizing pressure. On Windows, Reemo uses Windows Ink API. On Windows Windows Ink should be the configured API method for the pressure to work in your remote softwares. A quick way of knowing if the pressure is captured and transferred with Reemo is to test pressure on this page (both locally and remotely):


On Windows, ensure that the remote computer has no connected tablet/pen while reemoting as this may interfere with Reemo pressure synthetization. Please also ensure that your remote software and local tablet are configured to use Windows Ink.


Reemo uses virtual webcam and microphone drivers developped by Reemo’s parent company Hubitech. Only available on Windows 10, they need to be installed on the remote computer to emulate a webcam and a microphone. Once installed they will appear in your remote computer device manager:



To install the drivers follow this example:

md "c:\program files\reemo"
powershell Invoke-WebRequest '' -OutFile 'c:\Program Files\reemo\'
powershell Expand-Archive -LiteralPath 'c:\Program Files\reemo\' -DestinationPath 'c:\Program Files\reemo\'
"c:\Program Files\reemo\drivers\reemic\devcon.exe" install "c:\Program Files\reemo\drivers\reemic\reemic.inf" Root\reemic
"c:\Program Files\reemo\drivers\reecam\devcon.exe" install "c:\Program Files\reemo\drivers\reecam\reecam.inf" REECAM


In your favorite remote software be sure to select the Reemo microphone and camera as input devices.