HOWTO: Get the Best Performances with Reemo

When using Reemo, several factors come into play to get the best performances. This page will guide you to get the most out of your remote sessions.

Wired Connection

Because Wi-Fi connections have a inherent higher packet loss percentage than cable connections, always prefer using wired over wireless connections.

Connection Type

Your connection type is displayed in the Reemo control bar. It should be Direct/UDP for maximum performances.



To understand the difference between Direct/UDP and Relay/UDP, please read our guide: Relay/UDP vs Direct/UDP

Remote Monitor Refresh Rate

Reemo will use the same maximum FPS as your monitor refresh rate, if you are unable to get 60 FPS on Reemo, this might due to a low remote monitor refresh rate, you can adjust this setting on your remote computer directly:


Right click on the screen ➔ Display Settings.


Choose the Advanced display settings menu.


Check that the Refresh rate option is at 60 Hz.



Type the following command in a terminal


Look at the second column of the first row.

 DP-1-2 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 531mm x 299mm
1920x1080     **60.00***+ 144.00   119.98    99.93    50.00    59.94

Connection Speed

Reemo will always try to use as much bandwidth as configured in your bandwidth limit to increase video stream quality. In order for you to choose the right bandwidth limit, you can use a Speed Test to get your current connection speed and bandwidth.

ADSL Connection



Optic Fiber Connection



Video Decoding Mode

  • Choose Software if you have a powerful CPU.

  • Choose Hardware if you have a powerful GPU.


Remote Content

Reemo will never add unecessary frames to reduce bandwidth usage, if you are not able to get 60 FPS, this might be due to your remote content not needing this high of a frame rate, for example with a Youtube video, click right on your video and choose stats for the nerds