Wake On Lan


The wakeonlan functionality relies on a Docker service to be installed on the network where you want to power up machines.


  • Have a machine on an x86 platform under Linux (docker.io) or Windows (docker engine) that will remain on permanently

  • If you use a Firewall type filtering system, you must authorize the machine where the reemowol service will be installed to output to the wol.reemo.io url on port 443 in TCP and to the registry.reemo.io url in TCP on port 443

  • Enable boot with PXE in your machines bios


docker run -d --name reemowol --restart unless-stopped --network host -e studio_key=< STUDIO_KEY > registry.reemo.io/reemowol


It is possible to check the status of your Wakeonlan services in the administration interface menu settings


MAC Addresses

You must enter the MAC addresses of the different machines by going to the file of each “Remote Desktops” menu Edit


Turn ON

To turn on the machines using WakeOnLan, at administrator level, a WakeOnLan button exists in the Remote Desktops file


At User level, you must click on the three small buttons to see the wakeonlan option appear


Once the order has been sent, you must wait for the machine to boot to see it Online


If none of the power-up options are displayed, the ReemoWol Docker service is not connected