HOWTO: Configure your custom TURN servers

This page will guide you through the configuration of your custom TURN servers for your Organizations. We advise to always use two TURN servers located in different datacenters, but the choice is up to you. For our public TURN servers at Reemo, we use Coturn.

To configure your custom TURN servers, open your Organization > Settings and expand the TURN Relay Servers panel, you will be invited to fill information for your TURN servers:

  • Host: IP Address of your TURN server

  • Port: Port of your TURN server

  • Username: Username for connecting to your TURN server

  • Password: Password for connecting to your TURN server


Click on Save, now each user in your Organization will contact your TURN servers for establishing a connection between their local browser and remote computers. If their network configuration requires to use a relay server, your TURN servers will be used.


If you only have one TURN server deployed, fill the second TURN server with the same information