HOWTO: Debug the Reemo Service

This page will guide you through the common methods to debug with Reemo

Enable Logs in Reemo Agent

To enable logs in the Reemo Agent on your remote computer, edit the reemo.ini file located:

  • Windows : C:\\Program Files\Reemo\service\reemo.ini

  • Linux : /opt/reemo/reemo.ini

  • MacOS : /Library/Application Support/Reemo/Reemo.ini

And add the following lines:

severity = 5

You can restart the Reemo Service. After your session you will see 2 new files next to the reemod executable:

  • reemo.service.log: Logs from the network service

  • reemo.capture.log: Logs from the capture service

Enable Logs in Reemo WebClient

Inside your browser, you can visualize the WebClient logs by opening the Developer Tools > Console Tab


The shortcut to open the developer tools is: CTRL+SHIFT+i, you can open the developer tools before starting a new session to see live logs.

Debug the capture process

Type the following command in a terminal

./reemod -debug_capture