HOWTO: LDAP Configuration

This page will guide you to the process of integrating your LDAP SSO with Reemo.

How To Enable LDAP in Reemo

In PrivateCloud, OnPrem, Enterprise environment, if you have selected the global settings : LDAP Sign in per Organization, LDAP must be enabled and configured in the Connectors section of each organization. For instance wide LDAP configuration, please go to the Connectors section of the Admin Area.

Server Configuration

Inside your Organization, you need to configure a new LDAP Connector:

  • Friendly Name: Name for your LDAP server

  • Protocol: LDAP or LDAPS

  • Host: IP Address of the LDAP server

  • Port: Port of the LDAP server

  • Bind DN: User binding to the LDAP server

  • Password: Password of the user binding to the LDAP server

  • Base: Base to search for users and logins

Attributes Mapping

  • UID: Unique identifier field

  • Username: Username field

  • Email: Email field

  • Full Name: Full Name field

Declare your LDAP Users

After configuring your LDAP server, you must provision your user from your LDAP server inside your organization. You can provision users inside your organization through the “Provision LDAP User” button:


A popup will invite you to search your users and provision them inside your organization.


LDAP Sign-in

Once your users are provisioned, they can log through your LDAP by visiting the following url: